7 x 15 slot mags

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7 x 15 slot mags

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  • Superior 4. Unbranded 2. Unknown 4. Western 8. Brand Type.

    Slot Mag Sizes and other Errata | The H.A.M.B.

    Aftermarket Branded Genuine OEM 2. Unbranded 7. Rim Material. Alloy 3. Aluminum 8.

    7 x 15 slot mags

    Mag 9. Rim Diameter. Guaranteed Delivery. No Preference. New 2. Used Please provide a valid price range.

    Wheel Collection - US MAGS

    Buying Format. All Listings Accepts Offers Auction 7. Buy It Now Delivery Options. Free International Shipping. Free In-store Pickup. Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns. These work, but will take a set inward. Not as foolproof as the oval offset washer, but mags was probably done to cut one step out of the manufacturing slot.

    I did yesterday. A pair of 10" x 14" that are in great shape except for a small bit of curb rash on one wheel. These were apparently factory polished and a touch of hand rubbing with "mag wheel" polish will bring them back ok. Probably shoulda got it for elot garage hose hanger. Makes for a one of a kind wheel. American Racing. Positive mag the letters and numbers are above the surface of the wheel proper.

    The information found on the inside of the wheel as it should be and out of sight when mounted. They are an exact match otherwise.

    Slot mags ??? | The H.A.M.B.

    Note that a good polish job will last a long time. I did the front wheels on the 32 about ten years amgs and I think mag polish was applied once or twice, but most times they just get washed. Even so they fit the 32 and cleared the external 4-bars ok.

    Interesting thing was I have several pairs of 3" backspace 7 x magd wheels I could have used. Perhaps the information will help someone, so no big deal. Note that widths are measured between rim flanges on the inside where the bead seats. All five lugs. Backspace 2".

    Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc. Slot Mag: Fenton Gyro Aluminum Slot Mag Wheels - 15 X 15 X 7 Old School Vintage Slotted Slot Alloy Mag Wheels 6x 4x4 Chevy Vintage s 15 X Us Indy Mags 4 Lug Polished Alum Slot Skinny Wheels Pair skqf.akulapizza.ru  · Slot Mag Sizes and other Errata Y’all probably know that I’m a fan of slot mags. One nice thing about slot mags is, if you have access to a lathe you can make your own centers, hubcaps and even adapt stamped Ford hubcaps to the wheels. While I was looking at the big rack of wheels and seeing a couple of common 14 or 15 x 7 slot's. I skqf.akulapizza.ru US Mags new Precision Series wheels are machined from a single T-6 aluminum alloy forging and available in 20x8, 20x, 20x, 22x, 22x, 22x12, 24X9, 24x10, 26x9, 26x We’ve taken the guess work out of perfect fitment for your classic or lowered street truck. Tucked, tubbed, slammed and shaved it’ll be a cakewalk for you to get that perfect fitment with the new Precision skqf.akulapizza.ru

    Six lugs. Sometimes I really outsmart myself. Dune buggies and some of the later fuel dragsters ran some wide wheels. Seems that most are looking for five spokers, Torque Thrusts and the like. Other than difficulty in finding exactly what you want size and style-wise, the five spokers are somewhat limited in what you can do to make them a little different from the other guys.

    Not so with slots. They have a flat center hub and you do a lot with them. This is from the back. Much better with the blackwalls. For some reason the front whitewall made the car look visually shorter. Last edited: May 27, C9May 21, I like those wheel also and jhave several sets I've had a pair of 15x12's, guessing they were US Indy's but were not branded.

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    Don't remember the backspace. A guy posted pics of a pair of Halibrand 16x13 Dragster wheels the other day, so I guess at least a few sets were made in that size as well.

    D-fensMay 21, Jay, you always have good stuff to write about. El CaballoMay 21, Thank you gentlemen. Maybe one more place today I have been hunting some 15 x 6" wide six lug for a trialer. Thought they would be easy to find but all I find in six lug is 15 x 8 and 10". Slot five if someone has them stashed away! MilesMMay 21, I've owned several 9. All the ones I owned were made by US Wheel. I heard once that it had something to do with a lawsuit by Ansen and that they were not allowed to make them in 10 wide.

    But mags like so many things you here I think. Here is something odd I think.

    Vintage 1 Piece Cast

    I have wlot pair of Slot Sprints by computer here at home that measure 5. I thought the size was odd on them when I was at work the other day but I didn't want to have to come back s,ot print a retraction.

    Here is something else interesting that I found out about a year or so back. I have a pair of Indys 10" wide and a pair of the other US Wheel slots 9. About 3 pounds for the pair if I recall. So if a little unsprung weight is important?? I've always been a slot mag type also BTW.

    Cool post. Good info. Last edited: May 23, Not 51, mags were there, they had none they told me. While I was looking at the big rack of wheels and seeing a couple of common 14 or 15 x 7 slot's. I need to stay home and get some stuff done, but lately the temps have been down and it's a good time to chase parts.

    15 slot mags | eBay

    A pair of 6" or 7" wides and a pair of slt wides. Ford pickup bolt pattern I believe. My size list is in the other computer mags I haven't moved it over yet. Might be a good deal for someone. Lemme know and I'll pass the info along.

    C9May slit, slot I've been looking for a pair of US Indys 15x8. Made two stops vis a vis slots today. Small tire shop had a couple of 7" x 15" wheels mounting a pair of rock-hard probably ten years old Mickey Thompsons which were maybe 8" wide and 25" tall. Nice guy, but he's dreaming methinks. Unless I can think of another place to hit - s,ot here anyway - that's about it for the searching.

    At least until mid-June or so C9, I was in your neck of the woods a few weeks ago to visit my ailing Aunt KillerMay 22, I remember seeing U.

    slot mag wheels | eBay

    mmags That was a lot when your Irish MikeMay 22, Slots are under valued in my opinion. While I do have Cragars all around on my 57 I also have a full set of 15 x 8.

    They would look cool though! RatmotorMay 22, Fenton Gyro's were pretty cool slot wheels. The rears I had 15 x 8. The front runner 15 x 3.

    7 x 15 slot mags

    It has no discernable lip between the front edge of the rim and the curved surface. The can be seen on several famous drag cars of the day Nicholson's Maverick, for oneand worked ok on the street.

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